Cooperation with B-Smart

Cooperation with German RoboCup SSL team B-Smart from University of Bremen has been officially started.

The purpose of our cooperation between two teams is significant, which will become an immediate benefit for both teams. B-Smart is a very experienced team who has participated RoboCup since 2003.

Preliminary cooperation areas:

* Knowledge Exchange
* Material Exchange
* Research Cooperation, Cooperative Development, and Member Exchange

However, we will still keep Botnia and B-Smart as independent teams during the competitions.


Nov 6, 2006 Category: General Posted by: yli



    Botnia SR6 released

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Botnia SR6, the latest 6th generation Botnia robots, is officially released in September 2011. See our poster for the brand new SR6!


    Botnia SR5 released

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Botnia 5th generation robot SR5 is now officially released and will be used in RoboCup China Open 2009 competition for the first time.


    Next generation robot: Botnia SR5

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    The design for 5th generation of Botnia robot SR5 has started.


    RoboCup 2008

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    Suzhou, China. We are here.


    Atlanta, we're here.

    Posted by: robotics_admin Category: General

    Botnia Team has arrived....

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