This website is the home of the Robotics group working in the IT department of Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. Information can be found here about the various projects going on at the moment, and also it is the home of the Botnia RoboCup Team.

Some highlights of Botnia team:
- We have been in RoboCup world championship since 2006 and ranked top 10 in Small-Size League.
- We compete with top universities in the world such as Harvard, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Georgia Tech, etc.
- We are the only qualified RoboCup SSL team among the whole Nordic countries.
- The RoboCup project is integrated into the curriculum of our Information Technology Degree Program as project, training, and thesis work.
- A number of students graduated from our team have been admitted to the world’s top universities.
- Botnia SR4E/SR5/SR6 RoboCup SSL Soccer Robot is "A Product of VAMK OY". See the robot flyer.

We hope you enjoy your stay at our digital home!

Botnia RoboCup Team

In case you have any questions, visit our contact page to get in touch with us.



    Mailing list for Botnia team

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    botnia[at]mailman.puv.fi  will be used as Botnia team email address. Please sign up the mailing list for Botnia team. 


    Cooperation with B-Smart

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Cooperation with German RoboCup SSL team B-Smart from University of Bremen has been officially started.

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