Webcast stream from the RoboLab.

Clicking on the links will open the video in a new window.
Java is required to view these streams.

Click here to open (Digital Camera)

Click here to open (Analog Camera)

You can use also something native multimedia players for example VLC player or Windows media player with OGG Theora codec.

Open digial camera stream (to native player)

Open analog camera stream (to native player)

These streams use technology of Kepit Oy and its transact Vaasan Läänin Puhelin Oy



    Mailing list for Botnia team

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    botnia[at]  will be used as Botnia team email address. Please sign up the mailing list for Botnia team. 


    Cooperation with B-Smart

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Cooperation with German RoboCup SSL team B-Smart from University of Bremen has been officially started.

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