ILKKA, Monday 31.03.2008, P 13

Pohjalainen, Monday 02.07.2007, P 13

Sunnuntaisuomalainen, Sunday 04.03.2007, P 26
Sunnuntaisuomalainen is a joint supplement of several newspapers that reaches over 715 000 readers in Finland.

Vasabladet, Monday 13.11.2006, front page and P 9
Vasabladet is the second largest Swedish newspaper in Finland.

Vaasan ylioppilaslehti 7/2006, 17.10.2006, P 20


Insinööri 25.8 Numero 7-8/2006, P 16-17, also available online


Optimaatio Sanomat, Stig Wahlström Oy:n asiakaslehti 1/06, P 2-3


Jakobstads Tidning, 26.06.2006
Jakobstads Tidning is the third largest Swedish language newspaper in Finland in terms of circulation.

The RoboLudens event in the Netherlands from 7th to 9th of April 2006 also got some attention in the Belgian Press. Maybe one of the team members being Belgian had something to do with that... The article appeared in 'Gazet van Antwerpen' on Tuesday, 11.04.2006


Rewel Center event in local newspaper Pohjalainen front page
Saturay, 18.03.2006



Vaasalaisia, Wednesday 20.04.2005, available online


Vaasan Ikkuna, 16.03.2005 page 10

ILKKA, 16.03.2005, page 11

helsinginsanomat1 helsinginsanomat2
Helsingin Sanomat 07.09.2004 P.D1, English version available online and available in PDF

Coastline 2004, page 85






    Botnia SR6 released

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Botnia SR6, the latest 6th generation Botnia robots, is officially released in September 2011. See our poster for the brand new SR6!


    Botnia SR5 released

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Botnia 5th generation robot SR5 is now officially released and will be used in RoboCup China Open 2009 competition for the first time.


    Next generation robot: Botnia SR5

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    The design for 5th generation of Botnia robot SR5 has started.


    RoboCup 2008

    Posted by: Category: General

    Suzhou, China. We are here.


    Atlanta, we're here.

    Posted by: robotics_admin Category: General

    Botnia Team has arrived....

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