What is Robocup?

RoboCup is an International initiative to foster research in the field of robotics and artificial intelligence, using robotic soccer. More details can be found on the RoboCup official website http://www.robocup.org.

What is the F-180 League?

The F180 league also called the small-size robot league, is one of the five major leagues in RoboCup robot soccer games (i.e. Simulation League, Small-Size Robot League (f-180), Middle-Size Robot League (f-2000), Sony Legged Robot League  and Humanoid League)

In the small-size league, each team consists of no more than five robots of 18 cm diameter. Color markers are placed on the top of each robot for identification and tracking purposes. An off-board camera is usually placed 4 meters above the field. The game is held between two teams  on a green carpeted field  with an orange golf ball and conducted by a referee box and a human referee.

The Botnia RoboCup Team

Botnia robotics soccer team is an initiative to foster robotics research at Vaasa University of Applied Sciences. The team was setup in 2004 and located in the Technobothnia robotics lab in Vaasa on the central western coast of Finland. You can get in touch with us through various ways, explained on the Team page.

Participations in RoboCup Competitions

Team established in 2004
RoboCup German Open 2005, SR1, 3rd place
RoboCup Dutch Open 2006, SR1E, 4th place
RoboCup World Championship 2006 Germany, SR2C/D, top 12 / Qualified for 2nd round
RoboCup German Open 2007, SR2E, 3rd place
RoboCup World Championship 2007 USA, SR3P, top 10
RoboCup German Open 2008, SR4P, 3rd place
RoboCup World Championship 2008 China, SR4, top 10 / Qualified for 2nd round
RoboCup China Open 2009, SR5, forthcoming



    Botnia SR6 released

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Botnia SR6, the latest 6th generation Botnia robots, is officially released in September 2011. See our poster for the brand new SR6!


    Botnia SR5 released

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Botnia 5th generation robot SR5 is now officially released and will be used in RoboCup China Open 2009 competition for the first time.


    Next generation robot: Botnia SR5

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    The design for 5th generation of Botnia robot SR5 has started.


    RoboCup 2008

    Posted by: Category: General

    Suzhou, China. We are here.


    Atlanta, we're here.

    Posted by: robotics_admin Category: General

    Botnia Team has arrived....

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