Project steering
Dr. Yang Liu
Team Leader & Technical Supervisor
Botnia and Botnia Dragon Knights, RoboCup Small Size Robot League
Email: yli[ät]

Previous staff members from Vaasa University of Applied Sciences

Smail Menani, Johan Dams, Jani Ahvonen, Jukka Matila, Mika Billing

Previous scientific advisors from University of Vaasa

Dr. Pekka Isto, senior researcher
Dr. Mohammed Elmusrati, professor
Dr. Petteri Mannersalo, professor 

Current students in thesis works and project studies
Lu Chunqiu: Strategy Server (Motion Planning and Safety Navigation, Development of Team Strategy)
Li Jinpeng, Zhou Yang, Peng Haoxiang, Li Xiaotian, Lin Han, Lu Wei, Yi Zhiping, Feng Binlong (students of IITS4000)

Previous students in thesis works and project studies
Electronics: Esa-Pekka Painokallio, Lars Wikström, Leena Hietakangas, Wei Li, Fang Xinwei (ITC UT), Gong Pengju, He Shilei (KTH)
Software: Daniel Tisza, Rafal Chomentowski, Antonin Kadlcik, Toni Puukko, Liu Dong (CMU), Vo Vinh, Tan Wei, Nguyen Duy, Gao Yuan (UH), Feng Bin (CMU)
Mechanics: Kari Salo, Timo Rossi, Ville Halmesmäki, Jukka Vuoto
Telecommunication: Marek Kwitek, Milosz Mazurkiewicz, Franz Villavicencio, Liu Ye, Tan Xinyu, Tobias Glocker

Thesis works

Lu Chunqiu, "Development of Strategy for Multi-Robot Control In Confrontational Environments", VAMK, April, 2014.


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    Botnia SR6 released

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Botnia SR6, the latest 6th generation Botnia robots, is officially released in September 2011. See our poster for the brand new SR6!


    Botnia SR5 released

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    Botnia 5th generation robot SR5 is now officially released and will be used in RoboCup China Open 2009 competition for the first time.


    Next generation robot: Botnia SR5

    Posted by: yli Category: General

    The design for 5th generation of Botnia robot SR5 has started.


    RoboCup 2008

    Posted by: Category: General

    Suzhou, China. We are here.


    Atlanta, we're here.

    Posted by: robotics_admin Category: General

    Botnia Team has arrived....

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